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Chateau Ramparts Church Watermill Des Moines St Catherine Boelle Napoleon

Ten miles south of Saumur and overlooking the beautiful River Thouet, Montreuil-Bellay is the last fortified town in the Anjou, retaining almost all of its medieval walls.

The earliest fortifications date back to the early 11th century, the present château buildings having been added in the 13th to 15th centuries. The neighbouring collegiate church, nowadays the parish church, also dates from the 15th century.

In the years prior to the French Revolution, the town had an important administrative function (subsequently transferred to Saumur) which accounts for the number of fine houses in the town. Many of these, including La Maison Aubelle, have been restored during the last few years, encouraged by local grants aimed saving France's ancient heritage.

Nowadays, Montreuil-Bellay has three industrial estates south of the ancient ramparts, ensuring a high level of employment in the area. Its horticultural college has a large viticulture section running training courses for workers from the hundreds of surrounding vineyards and winning medals for its wines.

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